Want Pant are you? No two are a like!


Do you struggle to find that perfect pair of work pants? A pair that is comfortable, has enough stretch to be comfy all day, doesn't gape or dig in, in the wrong places. Well ladies meet Eve, Stella and Kate! 

We have found that many of our customers are after different fitting clothes, depending on their body shapes. We are so passionate about offering inclusive sizes in our collections and also making available the best possible fitting clothes. A lot of our clothes are available in plus size and petite size ranges because, so they should be! But you may wonder why some clothes are only available in certain sizes - for example the Kate is only available from size 4 to 16, and the Eve is only available in sizes 10 to 26. This is due to one thing, the fit! The cut and shape of these beautiful pants were created to FIT the right body shape for THEM. It is not one size or cut fits all! 

Lets explore them in a little more detail shall we...


Everyone meet Eve. 

Eve is a stunning pant with more room through the bum and thigh area, but comes in at the waist. Ideally she is cut for an hourglass or pear shape so there is minimal gaping at the waist. The 4 way stretch in the Eve means its comfy alllll day long. So if you know your body is more of an hourglass or pear shape, then the Eve is for you! 

Eve Pant


Now lets meet Stella!

The Stella is also the 4 way stretch pant but is cut for those body types that need the pant that fits well in the hip and thigh area. It is the best shape for those that have a proportionate hip to waist ratio and want a pant to fit neatly across the rear with some room through the leg. It's a comfortable pant with a wider waist band. 

Stella Pant


And we can't forget Kate! 

Kate is for petite women who may generally find pants too loose at the hip. You may have a slimmer thigh and slender build but these babies are perfect for you. The Kate is also a 4 way stretch material is is super comfy for all day wear. 

Kate Pant


So if you haven't been able to make your mind up on what pant would suit you best there you have it. The best pant is the one that will FIT you. Each pant is available in a variety of colours and we certainly have them as staples in our corporate capsule wardrobes. 

Please if you have any questions about any of the pants, their fit, shape, material etc make sure you reach out as we want to make sure you get the pant that's right for you! 



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