My 2021 Goals

Hi Ladies, 

I have had two epiphany’s recently and I wanted to share them with you in case they are something you have been intending to work on as well as being a busy working woman. 


2021 Goal setting


The first one came when I was asked what my personal goals for 2021 would be, and it got me thinking……….  We, my husband and I, have always had business goals that we have wanted to achieve: sales, customers, new products, ventures, you name it and we can be very clear on where we want the business to go.  Our businesses have always been the main focus and such a driving force in our lives. But me personally, I haven’t had goals for years, other than of course losing the last 5 kilos of baby weight (Rhys has just turned 10 LOL😊).


2021 Goal Setting


The second came when I was running around like a goose the night before my sons birthday at 9:00pm buying his birthday present.  Why?  Because I am never organised.  I tend to be reactive with a lot in my personal life – from grocery shopping (I don’t meal plan) to birthday’s I always leave it until the last minute.



Although 2020 has come with its ups and downs, it has given me the opportunity to do some decluttering and a lot of focus on my health.  I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (Auto immune disease affecting your thyroid) in February 2020 which made me sit back and re-access the level of stress I was under and whether it was necessary, and serving me.  After 9 months of Naturopathic herbs and powers, some education around the effects of stress to the workings of our bodies, and prioritising sleep I am finally feeling a lot better and I am in a stronger position to take on 2021. So just to recap:

  • Decluttering makes my life easier, putting in the hard work now and reap the benefits later in the week
  • Health, if you don't have it you don't have much else 
  • Stress is not worth the pain that it causes our body
  • Sleep. 



So my 2021 personal goals are definitely to be more organised, and to be proactive.  I have had a jump start though as I started with purchasing hello fresh 3 months ago, to which I get 3 meals a week which helps me with my meal planning.  Immediately after Rhys’ birthday, I had a fortnight to organise my daughters gifts for her birthday and I had them the week before.  I have purchased my 2021 diary (because I am a writer) so that I can begin planning out holidays, events, and the required organisation around those events.  So now I don’t just have birthday’s written in, 3 weeks before the birthday is due I have a reminder to purchase the gift or send the card.


I am going to continue with my home organisation and having a home for things.  My house can be a complete shambles by Friday’s and that is because I ‘shove’ things anywhere there is a spot because I am always rushed.   But then I spend Saturday and Sunday’s tidying, or the day before the cleaner comes I am running around the house tidying so that they can clean (anyone else guilty of this? 😊) So my goals:

  1. Continue chipping away at my business goals 
  2. Forward plan for my sanity, use my diary and set reminders 
  3. Home organisation, cleaning and meal planning should be done consistently so that I don't become overwhelmed 



I would love to know, how are you starting your 2021?  Are you setting goals for 2021 that will serve you? Do you have any tips or goals that you are setting or would like to share? Send me an email or reach on on our socials I would love to hear from you! 



I'll be checking in to let you know how I go because I'm all about that accountability! 

Jen x

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