XMAS ORDERS: Last call for orders 20/12. We reopen on 10/01. FREE Shipping when you spend over $150
XMAS ORDERS: Last call for orders 20/12. We reopen on 10/01. FREE Shipping when you spend over $150
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Meet Jeni - AKA W2W Founder

Jeni is the founder and driving force behind Work 2 Weekend. After working in the uniform and work wear industry Jeni saw a need for stylish, reasonably priced corporate work wear that actually lasts! It was also very important to Jeni when selecting pieces that W2W catered for all shapes from a size 4 to a size 26. 

Have fun getting to know Jeni! 



Jeni you’re a mum, business owner maybe even a serial entrepreneur, a wife and now you have launched your new start up W2W. Tell us about why you started W2W and what makes the brand special?

I Started W2W because I felt that everyone needed to have access to these stylish clothes, not just those that I was supplying uniforms to.  Also the garments made for the uniform industry tend to come in an extensive size range so I thought that this would be helpful for Australian Women to have access to. I think it's so important to cater to every fabulous shape there is. 


Who do you see wearing W2W? 

I see these garments being suitable for women of any age who want easy care garments that look stylish, are timeless and can take them literally from the working office to the weekend BBQ with friends because it is about flexibility, affordability and practicality.  From the busy women with a great social calendar, to the organised mum who rushes between school drop-offs and the office.


Would you say you’re naturally fashionable?

I love clothes and that having a capsule wardrobe helps you feel amazing and fashionable but also keeps it simple and every morning the decision is easy.  I am very much about practical pieces that are comfortable.


Tell us about your wardrobe. What are some of your key go to pieces?

Staple garments that are timeless – black pants, pretty tops, and dresses – I love dresses!  I build from black and I am not afraid to wear all black with a hint of colour in my accessories.  Handbags and shoes are definitely my go to accessories to complete a look. 


What are the core values of W2W?

Authenticity, integrity, person-ability and next level customer service. I strive for these values in my every day life and that definitely carries through to W2W. 


As a busy woman having children and running multiple businesses how have you found time to maintain a sense of self?

It has been a huge learning curve battling anxiety and pushing myself to the brink.  I now realise you have to have downtime and time to reflect on what is working in your world and what needs to go.


Favourite shoe brand?  

Nine West. 


Your favourite quote?

I believe in karma creation and lead through kindness!


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