Meet Carla

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Carla heads up a family of 6!! Yikes, it's no wonder she doesn't like ironing, does anyone? ;) We bang on about the importance of easy care workwear but it actually makes such a huge difference- saving you time, not constantly repurchasing flimsy pieces of clothing and most importantly your sanity, if you could spend your Sundays out with your family and friends this totally trumps being stuck inside washing, ironing and so on doesn't it?!

Carla was kind enough to answer a few questions about her work and wardrobe! 

Everyone, meet Carla. 



What do you do for work?

I work for James Cook University as an Academic Services Advisor for Remote Education for JCU’s  General Practice Training Program. 


What kind of Fashion do you like?

Fun, funky comfortable and versatile pieces that can be interchanged and dressed up and down. 


How do you like to feel in the workplace?

We are lucky to work in a small office so some days depending on my calendar I can be quite casual, whilst other days I prefer a more professional approach.


What do you look for in corporate wear?

Comfort and Wash and Wear!!!!  I dislike ironing and have a family of 6 so washing is not fun in my house.  I look for stuff that is easy to care for!


How important is it to look professional?  More so than comfort?

Depends on what I have going on at work on a particular day, but I always say comfort first!


Favourite fashion trend from the past?

70’s fashion all the way!!!! 


When you think powerful, confident and comfortable what piece of clothing comes to mind?

A great pant suit or a fitted mid length dress!


Favourite Quote?

There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one!


As a busy working mum switching between work mode, school pickups and social events what do you look for in versatile pieces?

Comfort and stuff I can wear from work to school to these so call social events (I don’t get out much any more ;)


Any tips tricks or hacks for other busy mums juggling work and family?

I am still trying to work it all out!  But I think I have realised this year,  you can only do what you can do!  There is no point trying to be a Superwoman – Burn out is a real thing so day by day is my motto.  Some days will be good and others not so good


When selecting items for your wardrobe do you look for pieces that can be utilised at work and on the weekend?

Absolutely – I love being able to mix and match pieces in my wardrobe!

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