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Kym O'Gorman - Marketing Specialist

Kym is a marketing guru, powerhouse business owner and lover of comfortable, beautiful fashion. We love following along @kymgorman on Instagram and were lucky enough to chat to her about all things fashion. Enjoy this weeks read...
Kym OGorman Marketing



What do you do for work?

I'm a marketing specialist, coach and trainer and I work with businesses to reduce their overwhelm and increase the effectiveness of their marketing through a combination of done-for-you services (marketing strategy and website design) and coaching / training opportunities. I've been in marketing and communications for over 25 years, and love bringing brands to life and getting them in front of the right customers, then turning those customers into raving fans.


What kind of fashion do you like?

I like fashion that is comfortable, flattering and not too tricky to put together. My style has definitely evolved since working for myself into more smart casual (or if I don't have any meetings, very casual). I love a bit of boho as well.


As a freelancer do you work from home or cafes/shared working spaces?

I work from home in my newly renovated office that is separate from the house. It's a great separate space that lets me have boundaries between "work" and "home" and the best part - the commute takes about 15 seconds.


What do you look for in corporate wear?

I look for pieces that can be mixed and matched, and dressed up or dressed down. I want versatility and comfort.  


How important is it to look professional in your job?  

When meeting with clients or speaking on stage, it's really important that I look professional - but it doesn't have to be too corporate. But on those days when I'm working from home and not meeting with anyone, I dress mostly for comfort. 


Favourite fashion trend from the past?

I love that sneakers have made such a big return. I'm so used to wearing flats now that my feet definitely feel it when I put them in heels. During winter I've also really enjoyed sitting in my ponchos while I work - it felt like wearing a blanket.  Thanks to the seventies for that one!


When you think powerful, confident and comfortable what piece of clothing comes to mind?

A great shirt dress, or a well fitted jacket. 


Favourite Quote?

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.  (Anais Nin)


When selecting items for your wardrobe do you look for pieces that can be utilised at work and on the weekend, how do you mix and match these?

My wardrobe has really blended so there's very little separation between work and the weekend and I wear a lot of pieces for work and play. For more corporate meetings or speaking gigs I usually throw on a jacket and some heels (and ditch the sneakers).


If you had to pick one item from your wardrobe to wear every day for the rest of the year, what would it be?

A new floaty black shirt that I bought this week. It goes with EVERYTHING and will be on high rotation. 


Do you have any advice or tips for other freelancers on how to dress when working from home so you feel professional and energised?

Make sure your clothes fit well and aren't restrictive. Put time and thought into how you're dressed - it helps to set the tone for work and also means you're more likely to jump on video or show yourself on your social media profiles (which I believe is so important to building your brand).

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