We love celebrating women! We believe that women should feel creative, comfortable, and confident in their workplaces and in their clothes. So for you, we have put together our easy step by step guide on how you can create a capsule wardrobe that takes you from work to weekend feeling all the Cʼs.

Solid wardrobe essentials are forever. We want to set your inner fashionista free and while it can be difficult to avoid fast trends, itʼs important that you focus on the key pieces of your wardrobe that are here for the long haul. It would be great to include both classic and basic items in your wardrobe that are versatile, neutral and can be layered. We suggest building up your capsule wardrobe first and then start to add in pieces from season to season based on trends that make you feel good.

When sorting through your outfits there are three key questions to ask yourself about each piece in your capsule:

  1. Is this a versatile piece of clothing that I can mix and match?

  2. Will this fit into both my professional and weekend wardrobe?

  3. Do I feel amazing in this piece of clothing?

So having said that lets dive straight in ...



Step One:

Marie Kondo your closet. Take EVERYTHING out and start from scratch. Create three separate piles – keep, donate and bin.



Step Two:

By taking everything out of your wardrobe youʼre easily able to see what space you have and utilise it accordingly. Part of having adaptable and accessible outfits is having an organised and clean wardrobe. Create a system so that everything is easy to find. If youʼre having trouble envisioning the best layout for your wardrobe have a look at our Wardrobe board on Pinterest for lots of tips and tricks to make your life easier.


Step Three:

Define your style. Looking at your existing items what pieces speak to you the most? Are you seeing a pattern of specific colours, designs, cuts or fabric? If you need a little inspiration click through to our Outfit Inspo board, weʼve done the hard work for you. Once you have defined your style have a look through your keep pile and select the pieces you are most drawn to. Take note of items that can be mixed and matched for maximum use. 


Step Four:

Get to work on hanging and folding your keep pile. As we are working towards a blended work to weekend wardrobe where everything is loved and worn, we suggest storing clothes by category. Do you want us to let you in on a secret? The more time you spend when putting clean clothes away the easier itʼll make your busy mornings! Sorry there was no instant shortcut there ladies, good things take time and that includes hanging your beautiful clothes where they are meant to be! Youʼll thank yourself come Monday morning. We hang Jackets and blazers, dresses, bottoms, tops and blouses and in that exact order. So that the things you use everyday are closest to you. This also helps save time when putting clothes away. Intimates, accessories, sportswear and other items are folded. If you have limited space then check out our Marie Kondo Wardrobe board for some killer inspiration!


Step Five:

By now you will have sorted through everything and have your keep items beautifully put away and your donate and bin piles ready to go. Itʼs now time to to identify any gaps in your wardrobe and start the fun part, shopping! We always encourage our customers to shop mindfully both on your hip pocket and with the environment in mind. If you find the perfect item do the math on the cost per wear. Is this something youʼll wear for years and wear time and time again? Then itʼs worth your investment! 

If you do find yourself with a few items in the donate pile you can always find a charity such as who work with people experiencing hardship but are actively seeking employment and attending job interviews. You may have a few gems among your donate pile that could really make a difference in someone elseʼs life.

So we are sending you off on a mission! Create your ultimate work to weekend wardrobe one staple at a time! We would LOVE to see your progress so make sure you tag us @work2_ weekend #work2weekend Sharing is therapeutic and you may inspire other women to do the same!


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