Corporate vs Casual Business Attire

Dressing for the office can be scary stuff! If you’re new to a workplace, then deciphering a dress code can be difficult. We have put together a few of our favourite looks for casual, professional and formal corporate workplaces. 

In modern work places, in a day and age where fashion plays such a large role in our lives, it can be difficult to predict and stay within varying guidelines of your businesses dress code guidelines, if they even have guidelines that it is. 

So here is a style guide to help you decipher what to wear and what not to wear to work:



Business casual is often a semi-formal professional dress code that is typically found in modern office settings. More often than not business casual alludes to an outfit that is comfortable and professional but is more relaxed than formal. A lovely balance between “time for business” and “but we’ll do it comfortably.” There is a difference between business casual and smart casual. Business casual would include classic business pieces such as blazers, slacks and shirts whereas smart casual is used outside the office and you can be more playful with some of the on trend items out at that time. 

Great examples that you may wear if your office has a Business Casual dress code are separates like a blouse and skirt, as opposed to a full skirt suit. You might pair your slacks or skirt with a cardigan or jacket. A variety of patterned or coloured blouses are acceptable if they aren’t too tight or too low cut. These are some of our favourite Business Casual looks: 

Womens Corporate Outfit
Womens Corporate Outfit

Casual Corporate Outfit



The business professional dress code may be a little more neutral and may be of a more formal combination than the business casual separates. The length of skirts, the colour and patterns of blouses and the sophistication of shoes and accessories can help determine the difference between casual and professional in the workplace 

Keeping suiting to a black, navy, grey or charcoal is a good choice. You may also choose to wear skin colour or darker stockings always with closed in shoes. Skirts really should remain at two finer widths above the knees or below. A skirt or suit is a great option and will help in keeping you look well groomed and neat. These are some of our favourite business professional looks:

Business Professional

Business Professional Outfit

Womens Corporate Coutfit


Business formal is the most professional you will need to look. This attire is usually reserved for very corporate offices or for work and networking events. A pantsuit or skirt suit is recommended for the most professional and conservative style. Conservative accessories, hosiery and shoes should be a well considered part of your overall attire. Neutral colours are a very safe option. However that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your fashion choices. These are our  favourite business formal looks: 

Business Professional Formal Outfit

Formal Corporate Womens Outfit

Corporate Formal Womens Outfit

Building your work wardrobe should be a fun experience. So now that you know exactly what you're looking for you can start building your capsule work and weekend wardrobe which you can read more about here

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